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Our Te Whai Hiringa Graduate

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Our Graduate Kākahu

Our three kete are filled with feathers gathered over a child's time at Te Whai Hiringa.  A kahu huruhuru is woven from the remu (lower end) up using prepared muka and feathers.  

Each child comes, with their whakapapa, to school as a rito of the harakeke embraced and protected by their whānau and tīpuna who surround them.

We continue to nurture and grow the rito of their harakeke.  We then work together to reveal the muka inside which is then prepared, along with the feathers, ready to whatu their kakahu together.

Each child will continue to whatu their garment together adding feathers when ready.

Their journey through Te Whai Hiringa culminates in the accomplishment of completing their tāniko adorned kākahu.

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