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Strichen House

Strichen represents perseverance & strength! 

Strichen Flag.png

Strichen's house colour is black and they have chosen Zealand's native fresh water eel for their mascot, Te Tuna.

This creature has been swimming up and down New Zealand's waterways for more than 65 million years. It is a powerful climber, able to make it's way up waterfalls, some as high as 20 metres and it moves overland through wet areas.  At the end of a long life they are ready to breed and leave the shores of New Zealand to swim 5000 kilometres into the Tropical Pacific, to spawn in the deep trenches near Tonga. Their lavae, or eggs, drift back on the ocean currents to New Zealand to begin their lives.

Strichen admire the PERSEVERANCE and STRENGTH Te Tuna displays to protect it's species and strive as members of STRICHEN to display these values in all that we do.  Strichen’s tartan which is place on their banner is called the 'Black Watch'. This was an infantry regiment of Highlanders in Scotland (1881-1931) whose role it was to 'watch' the Highlands.

Persevere with strength

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