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Our Learning Environment​

For a positive transition into school


We believe that children have the right to a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment to learn in.  As well as environment that is organised, well-resourced and fun.

We provide:
   •  an environment which reflects children’s                 interests and strengths
   •  an exciting indoor-outdoor environment with           ample space
   •  low-visual stimuli on walls to prevent                      overstimulation for young minds


Forming respectful relationships with other children and adults is vital for effective learning. We encourage all children to develop positive relationships with others.

We provide:
   •  a sense of belonging
   •  a sense of wellbeing and feeling ‘connected’         at school
   •  respectful and reciprocal relationships                     between child, whānau, Early Childhood

       Centres, school and wider community


We celebrate the diversity of students at

Peterhead School.  We actively encourage children to express individuality through their unique culture, in the form of dance, drama,

music, visual art and language.

We celebrate:

  • individuality

  • the Whole-Child

  • cultural diversity

  • the ‘100 Languages of Children’


We believe all children have strengths and the ability to learn.  We provide robust learning programmes, with emphasis on developing the Key Competencies.  We embrace child-centred learning programmes which actively encourage children to take risks, problem solve and foster creativity.

We promote engagement and learning through:

  • building on children’s strengths and funds of knowledge

  • creativity and imagination

  • encouraging positive self-identity as learners

  • variably structured learning opportunities

  • high expectations for all learners

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