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Crimond House



Our mascot is the Mako shark. Our emblem is the diamond. Our colour is navy.  Navy represents water - the oceans that unite and nurture us all.  Just like the diamond and the shark, the ocean is a thing of strength, beauty and power.  The diamond represents strength, beauty and eternity.

The Mako is strong, elegant, powerful, determined and respected. It is at the top of the food chain and that is what inspires our house - to be at the top. 
Our mighty banner features two sharks or mako. One represents Te Whai Hiringa
. It features the koru pattern, a symbol of Celtic traditions and beliefs. The other shark represents Peterhead in Scotland and features the Celtic knot, a symbol of Celtic traditions and beliefs. Both cultures have an emphasis on whanau and belonging. They also have a strong link to the sea and fishing. 
We are proud of our ‘Mighty Mako’.

Crimond is forever as a diamond is forever!

Go the mighty mako

Crimond House represents strength and power!

Crimond (1).png
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