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Boddam House

Boddam is a team & whanau that stands tall together

Boddam Flag.png

We are gracious like the Kotuku in victory or defeat.  As a team we persevere at any task and move ahead together.  When we first set out in designing our banner we called on the wonderful students who make up our house.  Roger Paewai and Kalym Grant came up with winning designs.  Their two designs were interwoven and make our banner what it is today.  Many clever teachers helped design, sew, cut and colour this masterpiece together!  Thank you to Mrs Beaver, Miss VanVelden, Mrs Sansom, Miss Dixon and Miss Blair.

Our banner is made up mainly with the colour white, which is our house colour. A black tartan hosts the background to our two Kotuku and represents our Scottish heritage.  As you can see, our house animal is the White Heron, or Kotuku.  This bird is rare in NZ and is highly valued by Maori for it’s beautiful feathers.  The feathers of the Kotuku were kept in beautiful carved boxes and worn by great Maori Chiefs.  It is a great compliment to compare someone to the Kotuku.  The Kotuku are also placed behind flax.  The flax ties our house with Te Whai Hiringa.

This bird is described as being tall and graceful.  Boddam House has a motto based on the Kotuku – Stand Tall -  Be the Best!  We have two birds on our banner at two different heights.  This represents the tuakana/teina relationship between the students in our house.  Our house nurtures one another and through the tuakana/teina relationship will help to grow our younger members in the house into leaders of the future.


Stand tall - be the Best!

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