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Hatton House

 In Hatton we believe it and achieve it!

Hatton Flag.png

In Hatton we are one big whanau with a huge sense of whanaungatanga!  We are determined, courageous and committed to working as a team.  Hatton House chose their mascot to be the mighty taniwha.  This legendary creature personifies Hatton House with its determination, knowledge, courage and strength.  The golden taniwha is cloaked with koru symbols and Celtic triangular patterns.  The koru represents the new life, growth, strength and peace of Hatton House and the Celtic design symbolises the significance of the mind, body and soul. The taniwha takes on both physical and spiritual form and acts as a kaitaki for the Golden House of Te Whai Hiringa.  The taniwha is Hatton’s unique guardian who will protect them from rivals and guide them to victory.  

The glorious golden colour of our house not only compels us to shine out from the rest, it is also one of the colours that are incorporated in the Scottish Coat of Arms. The tartan at each end of our house banner also represents the Scottish heritage of our house name.  

Go for Gold Hatton

‘A champion team will always beat a team of champions.’

A big thanks to all the teachers who designed and created our gorgeous golden banner – Mrs Michelle Brown, Miss Jessica Arthur, Miss Holly Bruce, Miss Kate Davies & Miss Sarah Polkinghorne.  Our banner is a precious taonga that will help Hatton live on forever.

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