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Our Whanau Voice Hui

On Saturday April 8th 2017,  we extended an invitation for all whānau to attend our Whānau Voice Hui.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our families to come together to share kai, ideas, aspirations and thoughts about their children at Peterhead School.   This was a great success and we were given some valuable reflections and feedback to share with you all.  

What are we doing really well as a school?  What do you like about us? What do you like about the things we do?

We asked:

• Clear focus in the learning.

• When the kids walk into the gates of Peterhead they know the kids are safe.

• The three kete - the kids bring up the three kete on a daily basis - transferring them into the home.

• The teachers at Peterhead School are role models for other teachers, we know Peterhead teachers are doing things    really well. 

• Peterhead makes us all feel welcome.

• The school involves the parents.

• Lots of opportunity, sports, academic.

Kete Values

used in lots of


Mr Genet has an

open door policy & goes out of his way to support families concerns and interests.

PB4L used consistently across the school - from start to finish

Rules & boundaries are clear

Sporting opportunities available to all

Children are polite and respectful at Peterhead

Quality Teaching - teachers are hardworking and committed, enthusiastic

Has a great name in the community

Parents feel like family at school so the kids do to.

Winners' Circle show the leaders and gives the kids something to aspire to.  Good to know there are leaders like that around the school looking out for the children.

Like the way the school communicates through facebook/text.

 Communication really good wtih paper notices and from teachers.

Peterhead makes us all feel welcome

Uniform rather than mufti and the flexibility in


I like that we can talk freely to Mr Genet or a teacher when there is an issue and it gets dealt with

The 3 Kete - the kids bring up the three kete on a daily basis transferring the into the home.

Friendly, open feeling and feel free to talk to anyone.  Including the office.


support in 



Teaching kids to care for others in and around our community and the community itself.

Role modelled from the top, standards are set. 

Caters for all cultures

Holistic care not just teaching and learning

Seesaw -

we love it!

The Seesaw App

keeps us up to date

with homework.

We love the staff, we know they work so hard they are very friendly.

The three Kete - 

the kids bring up the three kete on a daily basis - transferring them into the home.




Has a great name in the community

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